Monkey Suit Vintage just featured on Fox News Business site!

We were featured on Fox News Business website today!  Here is the link.  We were thrilled when we got the call today to be profiled as small business of the day.  Hopefully the link stays good for a while.  Fox Business features Monkey Suit Vintage

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Woodsy Wedding Style Shoot featuring TWEEDS

ChFall wedding suiteck out this woodsy wedding style shoot that we got to be a part of!  It is appropriately titled ‘My Deer’, and it was just featured in Green Wedding Shoes today.

It features our tweed vintage blazer and tweed hat (both have sold, but we are constantly restocking tweeds).

The concept, design and styling was done by and photography is by, both are brilliant Nashville based companies that we respect based on their past work on real weddings.  We are happy to refer them as top picks (see previous post).

fall wedding suit


Vintage tweed hatfall wedding style shootwoodsy wedding shoot

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New online wedding magazine!

vintage gray 3 piece suitWe wanted to post real quick about a few great wedding resources we have come across this month.  One is Love Bird Style who borrowed a few of our vintage suit pieces for a wedding style shoot recently.  These images will be available soon, and the owner Jessica is a fantastic stylist (and wedding planner).  She has designed some of my very favorite weddings over the last year–every time I comment or share a wedding on Facebook lately, I found out later that she or someone she’s associated with was involved!

We also recently saw a great new wedding magazine called My Sunny Wedding and it was STUFFED with great original articles and pictorials.  I love that an online zine can stay so up to date with trends, etc that quickly change because their deadlines are much later with no lag in between publishing and reading.  We are hoping to be featured in this zine for the December issue, but if not, we’ll still be reading it!

We’re going to be updating our wedding page on our site this week, so it will reflect some of the super awesome vendors we have worked with, or who we recommend checking out for yourself.  We also have some fantastic new vintage 3 piece suits on this week for grooms, you can shop those now, and a vintage 60s wedding dress will be on hopefully within the week.  It is to DIE FOR!

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MSV on Google + and the 60s Revival

Are you on Google + yet? (We already think it might be better than Facebook.)

Join the conversation with Monkey Suit Vintage! After only a few hours, we really like it, even better than FB (and it so IS a clone despite what Google honchos say). There are a few fantastic features-like grouping your different contacts and friends into groups so they only get content you choose, and content related items showing up when you search– that are making hearts beat faster in this office.   Come tell us how your faring with it!

We have also set up a page for Monkey Suit Vintage at the first night they launched.  There is a lot of potential there but there aren’t a lot of people yet and it’s still in beta.  Enough technobabble, check out this week’s top picks!

Have you visited our store lately? Stock up on the sixties with freshly listed fashion.

Check out some new suiting (as well as womens designer pieces) that have just been listed.  The 60s are back in a big way this fall (again, but bway this fall (again, but bigger than last year) and we are seeing them in every fashion article for both men and women.

Here is a sweet vintage 60s shadow plaid blazer and scroll down for a quilted mod maxi with hansel and gretel scene in technicolor!

vintage 60s shadow plaid blazer

vintage 60s mod maxi dress


Follow MSV for fashion news, upcoming sales and cause we like you. 

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Mens Fall Fashion 2011 Installment III: Puffers

Puffer vests and jackets are a go to for Fall 2011, and we will look at the best ways to wear them.  They had an interesting start in fashion after Eddie Bauer was on a fishing trip in 1940 and decided to make a quilted down jacket.   They were used quite a bit in the war after that as well as in sports & field, but didn’t become a big hit in pop culture until the mid to late 70s when they became a fashion must. Ever since, they’ve moved up and down slightly on the popularity chart, but vintage puffy vests and jackets have been generally popular during fall and winter ever since. For fall 2011, they were all over the runway, and you can expect to see vintage or vintage style puffy jackets and vests all over the street.

Vintage 70s Puffer Vest Chevron Down

70s Puffer from MSV

We have several 70s puffer vests in stock right now, but they don’t usually stick around long.  Vintage puffers are an easy way to add interest and color to what your wearing.  I particularly love mixing vintage vests with a cozy modern sweater or flannel shirts.   We have some examples from the runway and some also from the store.  From Dolce & Gabbana.

Here is an early 80s puffer vest with a corduroy western yoke, super hip and a hard to find throwback. But don’t get puffed up, you ain’t cooler than this vest.

Vintage Puffer Vest

Western Cord Puffer from Monkey Suit Vintage

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A Monkey Suit shines in one of the most beautiful weddings of the year!

Vintage 3 piece suit for wedding

One of the MOST beautiful weddings of the year. And it’s not just because Matt happens to be a wearing a vintage 3 piece suit from our store. Just look at how in love they are, and wait til you read the story about their wedding rings…SO ROMANTIC! Yes, I am a girl writing this, and I’m swooning. Also her dress happens to be one of the most beautiful ever, and the terrariums…I could go on and on– so check it out yourself by clicking the pic!

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Men’s Fall 2011 Fashion Installment II: Sherpa Jackets

Acid wash jean jacket Levis

Today we’ll look at a hot item trending this fall that happens to be one of my favorites– sherpa!  Rugged yet soft, it is a go-to fabric this season.  It’s generally made of poly/cotton blends and it’s made to look like sheep wool.  It’s really warm.  When you find it made of real wool, it’s called shearling.

Denim has also made huge gains as you have probably noticed, showing up in shirts, jackets and even ties (think chambray).  Below, we have some exceptional vintage examples that combine both sherpa and denim.   Sherpa jackets are a great way to channel rugged and cool as well as a little offbeat or bohemian.

Heavily featured in Ralph Lauren’s newest line as well.

The 80s acid washed Levis sherpa jacket, is in our store, is super thick and a rare find. Then below is an example up close of another more basic sherpa jacket by Levis, also clickable.

The three tabled photos below are from Fall 2011 fashion week and all are sherpa jackets.


Sherpa jacket on the fall 2011 runway


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PullWool– New Must-Have Underwear

Pull Wool Image

I found a great pair of underwear recently that is not in production yet, but I really want them to be, and am first in line when they start making them. The brand is pullWool and the product is a pure merino wool pair of underwear with several very interesting features that reduce chafing, riding up, and odor (you can thank the naturally antibacterial merino sheep for that), as well as keeping all parts firmly in their place.  The creator is an analyst by day with experience in outdoors products.  Another plus: these drawers will be made in New York City.

This variety of merino keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Over at product startup partner Kickstarter, you can put in your pre-order and help make the line happen.  They have stats right on their page that show how close they are to reaching full funding to start production, and they aren’t far from reaching it.  I found them on Quora, and am getting no kickbacks! This is just a great idea, and I’m looking forward to trying them.  So go sign up here so they get made.

When they do begin making them, we are looking at offering them in our store.

To give you more info, here’s the blurb from

As of September 8th, pullWool Studios announces the launch of a line of locally-developed and manufactured underwear crafted from eco-friendly New Zealand micro-knit merino.

pullWool strives to let men unleash their most confident self. As a critical base layer, pullWool products are prepped to inspire and revolutionize the underwear industry with design features that are multi-faceted, delivering a unique hybrid of function and style.

We’re now accepting online pre-orders for the first production run of the pullWool boxer-brief, featuring an industry first Ball-Pouch™, custom absorbent waistband, and seamless rear. Made right here in New York City


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Monkey Suit Vintage will not forget

I was at the University of Florida, sleeping in and skipping class that morning. Matt was across the state in Clearwater, also in college. Neither of us will ever forget September 11th, 2011. We thank God for our servicemen and women for serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and other operations in Aghanistan and surrounding countries.

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Christian Louboutin now selling mens shoes

Louboutin mens rollerboy spiked loafers

So Christian Louboutin is now selling men’s shoes directly online now, and has opened a men’s boutique in Paris. See the online selection here, which includes, sneakers, loafers, and plenty of spikes. You can even get a custom ‘tattoo’ on the shoes which can take three months…Some crest!

I’ve not been on their site before, but if you go on, be sure to click the homepage– the intro is super quirky and worth seeing. The lineup includes a lot of interesting colors and patterns of tassel loafers, as well some pretty awesome studded spike covered loafers (rollerboy). Quite the juxtaposition. So what do you think of the shoes?

A little more info here on yahoo news group.

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Mens Fall 2011 Fashion- get it here!

Did you know that designers always look to the past to get ideas for their new lines each year? We have had many design houses buy from us over the years. I keep a list! Just in the past few months, Etro (yes, that is Kean), Kors, and Ralph Lauren have bought vintage accessories or clothing. I know that they generally use these as studies for their new designs. And it’s brilliant because vintage really is the best way to get a fresh inspiration when you need it. It’s what I always do!

skinny belt with sweater and suit

So we weren’t surprised at all when we looked at the fall fashion lineup for 2011. We saw a number of trends that you can find in our own store such as thick soled, sturdy wingtips (the only shoe to have in the 50s and early 60s and virtually identical to the vintage Florsheim Imperial we sold to Ralph Lauren a few months back), as well as awesome puffy ski vests and jackets with a vintage bent– think 70s to 80s, and sherpa jackets and coat. Also we will be highlighting letterman jackets and varsity sweaters and cardigans over the next few weeks as we take a long look at mens fashion for fall 2011.

Today we are going to focus on those wingtip thick soled shoes. GQ called them “sole survivors”, and here are some examples from the runway.

Chunky soled wingtip fall 2011
thick soled wingtip fall 2011 oxford













You can see some vintage wingtip oxfords from our store below.  One of the big signs of a vintage 50s or 60s shoe is the thick sole, the bigger grain pebbled leather, and the overall quality materials and construction employed by most makers back then. That is why they are totally wearable today, 50-60 years later.  Here is a quote from GQ about this trend, and it really describes a vintage 50s-60s shoe perfectly!  And that’s why we’ve been digging them for years.

vintage brown wingtip oxford AWESOME!

A lot of guys are going to get it all wrong and wear this stuff with a slim Italian loafer, but it needs a heavier shoe. You’ll have them for life. Also, a lot of them have some waterproof materials on the bottom. These are basically all wingtips but we’re talking about the chunkier, thicker-soled shoe that holds up to all the heavyweights. Keep it traditional-looking. If you go for  a Church’s or an Alden or a Banana Republic, go for a substantial, pebble-grain, medium-to-chocolate brown wingtip. The more classic and traditional the profile of the shoe, the cooler it will look.

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Lanvin Velvet Blazer makes us love our jobs

Vintage 60s Velvet Blazer

There’s nothing quite like doing what you really love.  And we love vintage, so when this vintage velvet blazer came across the radar, it was a terrific day.  It’s a super lux and plush velvet with a fantastic designer and tailor.  Gorgeous buttons, super stylish lining, fully canvassed, I could go on and on.  Lanvin designed the jacket and for some reason, they often used their linings as the only logo with no other label in men’s suiting in the 50s and 60s.  The best part of this vintage piece though for me is the the tailor.  We were able to piece together a history of the jacket’s tailor who was a survivor of the holocaust, and in Auschwitz at age 11.  Here’s the label.  Wolf Custom Tailors label

Side note: We have a vintage 60s Lanvin sharkskin suit with Lanvin lining and no label as well.  If you have any information as to the reason behind vintage Lanvin suits with no labels, please leave a comment!

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Birthday Party, Monkey Suit Vintage style

Napoleon Dynamite plays while we work in the office today. Happy Birthday to Emily, our awesome shipping assistant and CSM.

Napoleon Dynamite plays at Monkey Suit Vintage

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Check out my vintage 20s party look!

We recently went to a Roaring 20s themed

Roaring 20s party

birthday party…exciting for someone who owns  a vintage store, and loves suiting up! I ended up wearing a 40s bow  tie and a jacket/vest combo…we had nothing authentic in stock from that era. Still had a great time!

My wife wore this vintage chinese lace dress from the store.  That blue eyed beauty above was wearing a vintage lace dress too.

Vintage Chinese Lace Dress



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Mens Fall 2011 Fashion Inspiration

A few days back, tropical storm Emily sent refreshing drier, cooler weather our way. Having the windows open in our offices got us looking forward to getting dressed in fall 2011!

We see Ralph Lauren is getting inspired by the warehouse and art scene in Brooklyn with his new Denim & Supply line. “Moody, eclectic, and carefree, it’s the next generation of down-to-earth dressing.” Their website never disappoints, (but it’s a slow loader today with the homepage vid and all the special content). Here are some snippets of the scene.

RL Denim & Supply


RL D&S Pants


Year after year we see RL set the tone over anyone else. What he puts out is what people end up wanting, whether we know it or not. We were so excited when the top dude on Ralph Lauren’s design team bought a pair of vintage Florsheim Imperials from us!

We are seeing military jackets with gold buttons, patches, and snorkel jackets. Lots of muted tones of navy, olive, and brown/gray alongside sherpa, fleece or fur. Cozy, cozy and down-to-earth.  We think this piece from our catalog fits right in with lineup of men’s fall 2011 fashion.

60s Pile Collar Car Coat
Sweet 60s! Thick Pile Car Coat

There is a similar scene at Burberry with naval coats and gold buttons, olives and touches of orange in their mens line.

Can’t believe it- just checked at YSL and their second items are the navy double breasted pea coat. Here’s a snip.
Navy Peacoat from YSL

Just entered into our collection and available now is this WWII military jacket– it’s a pristine naval officer’s jacket with dentist emblems.  We love how this piece has come around full circle and all those military details are today’s hottest trends in men’s fashion.

Vintage WWII Naval Offier's Jacket

Minty Navy Officer's Jacket-- Amazing Details!

The details on this WWII officer’s jacket look like they are straight out of GQ’s what to wear– metallic threads, awesome metallic insignia, double breasted with gold buttons…not too mention it’s a one of a kind collector’s piece.

We can dig these muted tones and terrific textures. Ready to start packing away the summer garb.
More to follow on Fall 2011 Fashion…

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Attending a wedding this summer? This is a great primer, great photos!

The GQ Wedding Primer Starring Darren Criss Wear It Now:

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Ideas for Summer Suits 2011

With summer almost upon us, we have multiple inquiries about summer suits.  We have some terrific choices right now, and we will highlight the most common suits for summer here.

First, linen suits and blazers are a top pick.  Linen is lightweight and breathable and just has the quintessential summer look about it.  It’s sort of no fuss, wrinkles fall out easily and it’s a pleasure to wear it in 80 degrees.  We have a couple of Zegna linen jackets available now as well as Polo Ralph Lauren.

Next, consider lightweight wool or wool blends.  Here is an example in a lightweight wool and silk blend sharkskin suit from the 60s by Alexandre, one of our favorite suit makers out of England.  This is just a fantastic suit for a summer wedding, and it’s really a collectible vintage 3 piece suit.  It’s a lightweight suit but maintains it’s top quality look and feel, not an easy feat. The sharkskin shimmer makes it even more spectacular in the sun.

And of course cotton is a perennial favorite for summer, since it’s breathable, easy to clean, and easy to wear.  Here is a 50s gingham cotton blazer, a great lightweight piece to keep you cool in more ways than one.  I love the interesting details that are different in a 50s piece vs a modern piece, but I guess we will save that for another blog post.  Word has it that gingham is the go to fabric for summer 2011.   Unfortunately, we only have a few gingham pieces in right now.  Seersucker is a popular cotton fabric, and this is strictly a summertime item.  Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers does this so well in their classic and trad way.

We can’t leave out polyester, because this can actually be done quite well depending on the maker, and have a good quality in the draping and feel, particularly when it is blended with one of the other fabrics mentioned here.  This makes many suits more durable and easier to travel with and clean.

Whatever your choice, summer is a terrific time to lighten up and try something new in your suiting repertoire.  Post what your wearing in the comments section below!

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Collecting YSL Suits

If you are a collector of a certain brand of clothing, you are always on the lookout for the rare and/or custom designs by that label.  We have that, and more, in this vintage YSL formalwear piece.  It is a white dinner jacket with painted irises on front, back and on the interior lining.  Just a fantastic piece in perfect condition.  The photos and information will go in our label archive as well if you ever want to behold this awesome jacket again (also linked at the top of the page).  Tag reads ‘Yves Saint Laurent Formalwear’

                                                Please, no re-posting without author’s consent.

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Safely storing your winter wool suits and coats

This is something many would rather ignore, but when you pack away your heavier wool suits and coats for winter, there is a good chance they could get eaten by moths if you don’t do something to prevent it.  This seriously diminishes the value and is very difficult to restore. 

One reason people do not want to even think about this task is the moth ball smell, but the truth is, moth balls aren’t necessary to keep moths away.  You can store your clothes with cloves, which is a moth repellant, and have pleasant smelling clothes when you unpack them in the fall.  You can buy cloves at most any store, and put them in a mesh bag or empty a tea bag and put it in there(or several spread among the clothes if you have a lot to store). 

There is a terrific article on maintaining your wardrobe at this Art of Manliness link, one of my favorite websites!

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Where Great Clothing Comes From

Where Great Clothing Comes From

Fantastic video series on the classic manufacturers of suit cloth including Harris Tweed, John Lobb, and more.

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